Top 7 X Accounts to Follow Now for Marketing

For anyone looking to stay ahead in marketing, following key influencers on X (formerly Twitter) is essential. Here are the top 7 accounts to follow, complete with links:

1. @vtubermodel_

Account Overview: Focuses on virtual branding and content creation, particularly within the growing field of virtual influencers. Why Follow: Get insights on leveraging virtual personas for brand engagement and audience interaction.

2. @theigamingseoag

Account Overview: Specializes in SEO strategies specifically for the iGaming industry. Why Follow: Offers expert advice on improving search engine visibility and attracting organic traffic in the competitive iGaming space.

3. @fursonarefsheet

Account Overview: Focuses on creative character design and branding, especially within niche communities like the furry fandom. Why Follow: Learn innovative branding techniques and how to engage with unique and dedicated audiences.

4. @BrightonCormac

Account Overview: Provides comprehensive insights into digital marketing strategies, with an emphasis on content marketing and social media trends. Why Follow: Stay updated with the latest trends in digital marketing and how to effectively use content for engagement and conversions.

5. @timsoulo

Account Overview: Tim Soulo, CMO and Product Advisor at Ahrefs, shares in-depth knowledge on SEO, content marketing, and data-driven strategies. Why Follow: Tim offers valuable tips, case studies, and research to optimize your digital marketing efforts.

6. @seosmarty (Ann Smarty)

Account Overview: Ann Smarty is an SEO and content marketing specialist involved with some of the largest resources for content creators. Why Follow: Gain expert insights into link building, SEO strategies, and content marketing techniques.

7. @CarrieRosePR (Carrie Rose)

Account Overview: Co-founder and creative director at Rise at Seven, leading their content marketing, PR, and social media strategy. Why Follow: Discover award-winning strategies in PR and social media marketing.

These accounts cover a broad range of marketing aspects, ensuring you get a comprehensive view of the latest trends and effective strategies in the industry. Following these influencers will keep you well-informed and ahead in the marketing game.

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