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Vibration Serviceability Assessment of Footbridges – AGM & Lecture

The Republic of Ireland Regional Group is pleased to present a lecture on Vibration Serviceability Assessment of Footbridges by Dr Stana Živanović of University of Warwick. This lecture will be sure to be of interest to practitioners, students, and researchers on the behaviour (both measured and theoretical) of structures under human-induced vibration.

The lecture will follow the Regional Group AGM on Tuesday 11 December 2012, as follows:

  • 1800 – RoI Regional Group AGM
  • 1900 – Reception
  • 1930 – Lecture

Abstract: Successful vibration serviceability assessment of footbridges relies on reliable estimates of: 1) expected traffic scenarios, 2) dynamic forces induced by pedestrians, 3) dynamic properties of the structure, and 4) human response to vibration. This talk will first address main features of walking locomotion which is a key source of dynamic loading on footbridge structures. Historical development of the models of walking-induced dynamic loading will be presented, starting with simple harmonic models to modern day probabilistic models. Then the gradual improvement in the design guidelines for vibration serviceability evaluation of footbridges that reflects the research developments over the last decade will be commented, and critically evaluated. Finally, the current challenges in modelling pedestrian interaction with vibrating footbridges as well as modelling vandal loading will be addressed briefly through presenting the research developments under way at the University of Warwick.

The Speaker: Dr Stana Živanović completed her PhD in the field of vibration serviceability of civil engineering structures at University of Sheffield. She has worked as a postdoctoral researcher with Professors Brownjohn and Pavic in developing software for vibration assessment of structures. She has conducted numerous vibration performance tests on problem structures such as footbridges, floors and stadia across the UK and abroad. Since 2009 she is Assistant Professor at the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick where she is developing the Humans and Structures Laboratory for studying interactions between people and the built environment.

A flyer for the event is available for download here.

Venue: The Michael O’Donnell Theatre (Rm 259) DIT Bolton St
Date: Tuesday, 11 December, 2012
Time: 18:00 for AGM, 19:00 Reception, 19:30 Lecture

The Titanic Building – Cork Lecture

The structural design team (RPS) behind the Titanic Experience Building will present an overview of the complex engineering aspects of project.  The building design itself is highly distinctive with the architects drawing inspiration from the geometry of the Titanic with each façade replicating four 30m high hulls.   The facts and figures surrounding this project are fascinating.  The entire building provides 14,000 square metres of exhibition space.  The construction of the structural foundations required the largest concrete pour (4,200 cubic metres) to date on the island.  The building contains some of the world’s longest spanning escalators at 25m.  Quite simply, it is one of the most extraordinary buildings ever constructed in Ireland.  The Independent described the building as “a structure as monumental as the ship it commemorates” and the Huffington Post noted that is was “awe inspiring at each step”.  Within six months of its opening in 2012, the building had attracted in excess of 500,000 visitors making it one of the most popular attractions on the island.  Further details about the building may be found at

This event is being jointly held by the IStructE (RoI Regional Group), Engineers Ireland, and the Irish Concrete Society.

A flyer is available for download here.

Venue: Millennium Hall, City Hall, Cork
Date: Tuesday, 27 November, 2012
Time: 18:30

Graduate Evening 2012

On Tuesday, 13 November, the Republic of Ireland Branch will host the annual Graduate Evening, in conjunction with UCD’s Struct Soc. This event offers engineering students a chance to learn more about the various career paths available to them following graduation and will be of particular benefit to final-year students. On the evening three recent graduates will make presentations detailing their personal experiences, and will answer questions from the audience. This year the speakers will be:

The speakers are:

  • Jennifer Keenahan, University College Dublin (Postgraduate)
  • David Kettle, Walls Engineering (Contracting)
  • Joe Mears, Brunner Consulting Engineers (Designer)

The evening promises to be highly informative and is open to all interested members of the public.

Click here to download a flyer to publicize the event.

Venue: Room F14, Newstead Building, University College Dublin (Map)
Date: Tuesday, 13 November 2012
Time: Reception 18:00, Lecture 18:30

Student Prize Presentations 2012

On Tuesday, 16 October the Republic of Ireland Branch will host the annual Student Prize competition evening, in Room 259, DIT Bolton St. Starting at 18:30 the nominees will each make a 10 minute presentation on their project and then answer questions from three industry-representative judges. This years entrants, representing the seven accredited degree programmes within the Branch area, are:

  • CIT: Colm Casey – Wind turbine base design;
  • DIT: Darragh O’Sullivan – The dynamic response of pedestrian footbridges to loaded pedestrians;
  • NUIG: Finn Graham & Gavin Maloney – An evaluation of the performance of prestressed concrete elements using numerical modelling and measurements from embedded sensors;
  • TCD: Ornagh Higgins – Investigation into effects of active control strategies to improve inefficiencies in wind turbines and reduce fatigue damage;
  • UCD: Robert Corbally – Calculation of wind load on wind turbines.

The evening promises to be highly informative for both industry practitioners and students (especially final-year students).

Click here to download a flyer to publicize the event.

Location: Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton St. (Room 259)
Date: 16 October 2012
Time: Tea and coffee reception at 18:00. Presentations start at 18:30.

Progressive Collapse of Composite Structures

The collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York provided television viewers worldwide with a firsthand view of the structural phenomenon known as progressive collapse. Although this phenomenon is not new (for example, the Ronan Point apartment building in London collapsed some 40 years previously), the dramatic impact raised questions within the structural engineering community about exactly how the collapse happened, what was the governing mechanism, and how greater robustness might be provided to potentially vulnerable structures. The result has been heightened interest at the fundamental level, considerable research, and the prospect of more realistic representations of the key features of the phenomenon in design procedures.

Professor David A Nethercot is Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College as well as being Deputy Principal of the Engineering Faculty. He is a past President of the Institution of Structural Engineers. He has more than thirty years experience of research, specialised advisory work and committee activity in the area of steel, aluminium and composite construction.A particular interest in his research has been the influence of connection behaviour on the overall performance of frame structures, where he has been responsible for major programmes of combined experimental and numerical work that underpin design treatments in British, European and other national standards, as well as industry design guides such as those produced by the SCI. Current research interests include progressive collapse of structures and light gauge and stainless steel construction.

This event is organized by the Irish National Group of IABSE and is being staged in co-operation with the Engineers Ireland Structures and Construction Division and the IStructE (RoI Branch) and is an Engineers Ireland CPD approved event.

A flyer is available for download here.

Venue: Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road
Date: Tuesday, 19 June, 2012
Time: 19:30

New Dublin Port Masterplan

Dublin Port Company’s Chief Executive Eamonn O’Reilly Chartered Engineer will give a presentation on the new Dublin Port Masterplan 2012-2040.

The presentation will be followed by a networking reception.

Developing a 30 year Masterplan for Ireland’s largest port, Dublin Port’s Chief Executive Eamonn O’Reilly outlines the consultative process undertaken to integrate the many views from the broad range of the port’s stakeholders into the long term development plans of the country’s most important port. Eamonn will also discuss the key outcomes of the consultation process and how the company plans to deliver on the 30 year Masterplan.

The Speaker
The speaker is Eamonn O’Reilly, Chartered Engineer – Chief Executive, Dublin Port Company. Eamonn O’Reilly joined Dublin Port Company in 2010 from Portroe Stevedores, where he was Chief Executive of the Dublin Port-based cargo handling business for five years. During that time, he was also Group Business Development Manager of Portroe’s parent company, Doyle Shipping Group. An electrical engineer by profession, he is a graduate of University College Dublin and holds an MBA from Trinity College Dublin.

This event will be webcast – for log in details, please see Engineers Ireland’s website

A flyer is available for download here.

Venue: Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Dublin 4
Date: Tuesday, 8 May, 2012
Time: 18:00 for lecture 18:30, Reception afterwards

Dr Bill Harvey – Underneath the arches

The renowned masonry arch bridge expert Dr Bill Harvey will deliver a lecture on his lifetime experiences assessing masonry arches.

Abstract: This talk will skim through various aspects of bridge history. Bill will use pictures and videos of bridge behaviour to explain what we think we know and the gaps that remain in our knowledge and understanding of these economically vital structures. There will also be brief excursions into aspects of more modern structures.

The Speaker: Bill Harvey has been a committed bridge engineer since 1954. He began properly working on bridges in 1971 when he spent some time on big steel bridges (Humber, Ouse, Dunkeld) before settling into academic life working on masonry arch bridges in 1981. Since then he has become an internationally-renowned bridge engineer and has spent many happy hours in cold damp places but also in libraries and sometimes even in the sun, learning about how arches came about, how they were built, how they work and how they deteriorate. He has worked as an independent consultant and software developer since 2000 and is particularly known for his masonry arch assessment software Archie-M.

Click here to download a flyer to publicize the event.

This event is jointly hosted by the Republic of Ireland Branch of the Institution of Structural Engineers, and the Structures and Construction Division of Engineers Ireland.

Venue: Rm 281, Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton St.
Date: Tuesday, 1 May, 2012
Time: Reception 18:00, Lecture 18:30

NUI Galway Engineering Building

The New Engineering Building at NUI Galway integrates all engineering activities on campus into an exclusive, state of the art academic facility. The building not only provides a learning environment, but acts as a teaching and learning tool. It is a ‘living laboratory’ for engineering, where live data sets from numerous types of sensors are provided for use in illustrating structural engineering and building performance concepts in undergraduate teaching, and in the development of full-scale research in structural engineering and energy. Key members of the project team will present on the different aspects of the project, from design and construction, through to the design and implementation of the living laboratory learning environment. The building recently won the 2011 Irish Concrete Society Sustainability Award (here) and is featured in the current issue of The Structural Engineer (here).

The speakers are:

  • Eamonn Cannon, Chartered Engineer & retired lecturer NUI Galway
  • Dr Jamie Goggins, Chartered Engineer & Lecturer, NUI Galway
  • Eddie O’Brien, Project Manager, BAM Contractors
  • Fiona Purcell, Chartered Engineer, Arup Consulting Engineers

This event is jointly hosted by the Republic of Ireland Branch of the Institution of Structural Engineers, and the Structures and Construction Division of Engineers Ireland.

A flyer is available for download here.

Venue: Rm 259, Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton St.
Date: Tuesday, 24 April, 2012
Time: Reception 18:00, Lecture 18:30

Graduate Evening Presentations – Cork

On Wednesday, 22 February, The Institution of Structural Engineers (Republic of Ireland Branch) in association with the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University College Cork will host a Graduate Evening. Recent graduates undertaking postgraduate research and graduates working across a range of engineering firms will give brief presentations sharing their experiences since graduating.

The aim of the evening is to provide an insight for students and other members of the structural engineering fraternity into what it is like for Graduate Engineers working with Consultants today and show the opportunities that are available for research. It is intended that the evening will be relatively informal and there will be ample time for questions and discussion. The speakers will be:

  • Daniel Goulding (CIT) – Bord Gáis
  • Alan Leen (UCC) – ARUP
  • David Hodge (CIT) – CIT (Post Grad)
  • James Browne (UCC) – UCC (Post Grad)
  • Michael Minehane (CIT) – RPS

Venue: Room G10, University College Cork
Date: Wednesday, 22 February 2012
Time: 18:30

Click here to download a flyer to publicize the event.


  • Dr Vikram Pakrashi 021 4903862 V.Pakrashi[at]
  • Donogh Coleman 021 4326312

President’s Address 2012

John Nolan, from Co. Carlow, the 92nd President of the Institution of Structural Engineers, will address the members of the Republic of Ireland Branch of the Institution of Structural Engineers during a two day visit to Dublin. He will also present certificates to Republic of Ireland recipients, including those who have recently become members or fellows, and winners of branch awards. Also speaking will be the new Branch Chairman, Mr Joe Ryan, Hanley Pepper Consulting Engineerings.

John Nolan brings a very special combination of career experience to his year in office, A Chartered Engineer who has worked as a labourer, contractor’s engineer, consulting engineer, business owner, property developer and client, John is extremely well placed to challenge consulting engineers on the conundrums of cost versus value.

In doing so, his inaugural address draws on observations from his own business life and offers some practical suggestions and solutions for both engineers and the Institution.

The session will be a unique opportunity for members to meet with the President in an informal setting, to ask questions and exchange views. Members are encouraged to attend what is expected to be a useful and informative meeting.

Making his Inaugural speech as President John said:

Structural engineers offer a great amount to the construction process and it is clear to me that we have a tremendously important role in the area of “cost versus value.

As an Institution we should take the opportunity to raise our profile in this arena, since it impacts on safety; quality; sustainability; project viability and not least, the standing of engineers as part of the modern project team.

John Nolan’s full presentation will be available to view on the webinars page soon.

Date: 2 February 2011
Time: Tea and coffee reception at 18:00. Evening lecture starts at 18:30.
Location: Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton St., Room 259