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Student Prize Presentations

The Branch Student Prize presentations are being made on Tuesday, 12 October. Tea, coffee and light refreshments are available from 18:00 with the presentations starting at 18:30 in Room 259, DIT Bolton St. The nominees will each make a 10 minute presentation on their project and then answer questions from three industry-representative judges. 

Displacement transfer function at mid-span for damped three-span bridge

Image from Breiffni Fitzgerald's project (last years winner): Displacement transfer function at mid-span for damped three-span bridge

This year the entrants are: 

  • CIT: Michael Minihane – Reinforced concrete beam-column connections;
  • DIT: Neal Renehan – An investigation into torsion of reinforced concrete beams;
  • NUIG:  Conor Murray – Advancement of a design-life prediction model for flexible risers using FEA;
  • TCD: Michael Day – An investigation into the response of typical steel and concrete wind-turbine towers;
  • UCC: Martin Walsh & Alex Humphreys – Event-driven structural analysis software;
  • UCD CivEng: Javier Sedó del Campo & Olivier Egger – Effect of damping on the dynamic response of a structure;
  • UCD SEA: Jack Browne – Modal analysis of a 4-span post tensioned reinforced concrete bridge.

The evening promises to be highly informative for both industry practitioners and students (especially final-year students).

Location: Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton St., Room 259
Date: 12 October 2010
Time: Tea and coffee reception at 18:00. Presentations start at 18:30.

Criminal Courts of Justice – Evening Lecture

The newly completed Criminal Courts of Justice located at Infirmary Road, Dublin 7 is the largest Courts Building constructed in the State since the Four Courts were completed in 1796.

Criminal Courts of Justice

The 25000m2, 11 storey high glass clad building contains 22 courtrooms, with associated legal and administrative functions, arranged around a central Great Hall. The circular building was constructed predominantly with insitu reinforced concrete and has a steel roof structure.

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Educational Trust Pai Lin Li Travel Award 2011

The Pai Lin Li Travel Award is offered by the Institution of Structural Engineers’ Educational Trust and provides an excellent opportunity for the professional development of young structural engineers.

The Pai Lin Li Travel Award runs annually and offers grants of between £1,000 and £3,000 to members of the Institution of Structural Engineers who wish to spend four to six weeks outside their own country studying current practice or trends related to the use of any construction material in the context of structural engineering

This award presents an unrivalled opportunity that not only enables applicants to broaden their experience at no or minimal cost to their organisation, it also provides an excellent PR opportunity for the organisation to promote the award winning applicant’s innovative project work that they have undertaken abroad.

The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, 10 December 2010. For more information about the award and how to apply please click here.

Criminal Courts of Justice – Evening Lecture

Location: Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton St., Room 259
Date: Tuesday, 28 September 2010
Time: Tea and coffee reception at 18:00. Lecture starts at 18:30.

Please see the event post for further information.

Eurocodes Seminar

Location: Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton St.
Date: Wednesday, 27 October 2010
Time: 09:00 – 17:30

Please see the event post for further information.

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